From High School to CNA: Your Path to a Nursing Career

It’s October, which means the end of summer and the start of a new school year. Are you a high school senior or junior who feels a bit lost? Or maybe you graduated last year and feel that you are floundering without a purpose? You’re not alone! And you should know that you do not have to jump right onto the traditional four-year college track to be a successful professional who makes an incredible living. In fact, there is a way that you could do both—start working in a strong industry immediately and move toward a valuable career track at your own pace.

If this sounds intriguing, you should consider a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

There are many reasons why a high schooler may want to pursue this option including:

  • The ability to immediately begin earning valuable experience and compensation within the healthcare industry
  • Testing the waters to see if a healthcare career is the right fit for you
  • Being given tuition reimbursement options to continue your education
  • Avoiding incurring longstanding student loan debts
  • Starting a retirement plan early to ensure your future financial standing
  • Working with people who genuinely appreciate your daily contributions
  • Learning from a population that has a different life perspective than you
  • Having a stable job in a rapidly growing industry

Sounds good, right? But, would you like to know how to get started? Here are some steps:

1. Research the job description and pay

So, what does a CNA do exactly? At Trinity Health Senior Communities our CNAs are the primary caregivers in our communities. These incredibly important people make a difference every single day by working directly with our residents and their families. The role is known to be highly rewarding because it’s all about developing lasting relationships with our residents and other colleagues.

Trinity Health Senior Communities CNAs can start by earning a competitive wage with a comprehensive benefits package including 403(b), tuition reimbursement, medical, dental and vision insurance and much more!

2. Find out about career advancement and the company

CNAs interface regularly with other healthcare professionals and will have the opportunity to learn about enhancing their careers by climbing the ladder, maybe even becoming a Registered Nurse, Social Worker or Executive Director. At Trinity Health Senior Communities career growth is highly encouraged and supported.

Unlike smaller institutions, Trinity Health Senior Communities is part of a much larger organization of caring providers at all levels. With 131,000 colleagues in 22 states, Trinity Health is one of the nation’s largest, multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems, so no matter where you want to go in your career, Trinity has laid a path just for you. You can work in a location close to home or broaden your horizons and look outside your local area.

3. Find a program

Search for a certified nursing assistant program in your area.

The training period is just two weeks and it consists of a combination of classroom, lab, and clinical training, concluding with an exam. Upon successful completion of the program and exam, you will be offered a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

So, while your friends are drowning in student loans and complaining about finals, again; you’ll be earning great pay and growing your career. We’ll spell it out for you, starting a career in health care can be as easy as C-N-A!

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Become a CNA!